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Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

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In real estate terms, encroachment involves use or development that crosses a property boundary. When encroachment happens long enough, the property owner could even lose ownership of the encroached-upon section of property if the other party claims adverse possession. At Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, our Gainesville encroachment attorneys have extensive experience in addressing and resolving these disputes.

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Our North Georgia Boundary Dispute Attorneys Offer Comprehensive Guidance

Whether the encroaching party crosses the property line intentionally or by mistake, the costs can be high for the property owner. Early intervention from a boundary dispute lawyer is often the key to minimizing the costs of encroachment and protecting the value of your property.

In some cases, real estate investors may intentionally or unintentionally encroach upon a neighbor’s property when seeking to subdivide unimproved parcels of land. In other cases, individual property owners seek to build a fence, construct a shed, add on to a house or build a new commercial structure, and the expansion results in encroachment.

Often these disputes are rooted in misunderstandings of where property boundaries actually exist, yet the disputes nonetheless become heated. Our encroachment lawyers handle these matters professionally and effectively to resolve the dispute in the most cost-effective manner possible. If the other party refuses to resolve the matter outside of court, our real estate lawyers will not hesitate to protect your interests in litigation.

Our law firm provides a full range of real estate legal services for residential and commercial property owners. See our real estate law overview and our Georgia Real Estate FAQ to learn more.

What To Do If You Suspect Encroachment

It is generally a good idea to inspect your property regularly for any signs of encroachment. Regularly inspecting real property can be difficult for people who own multiple properties in rural locations, and often encroachment comes as a surprise. However, if you notice a neighbor’s construction or fence-building near a property boundary, it is a good idea to be proactive about confirming whether the new construction encroaches on your land. If you suspect encroachment, contact our law firm right away. It may be necessary to take legal action to halt construction or have the encroaching structure removed.

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