Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

To Resolve Disputes In Your Favor, Know When To Fight And When To Be Conciliatory

The founding partners at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, each have more than 35 years of experience practicing law in the Gainesville area. In that length of time, they have helped clients prevail in numerous contract disputes and other legal conflicts. However, prevailing has not always meant winning at trial. It has often meant avoiding a trial altogether.

At our law firm, we often remind clients that a true win is one that preserves the most resources and advantages for our clients. That’s what Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC and our team of Gainesville dispute resolution lawyers, stand for in support of our clients’ interests.

What Is At Stake? Choose Your Method Of Resolution Accordingly.

Monetary losses or gains are often on the line in a dispute or lawsuit, but so, too, are other things worth fighting for:

  • Reputation
  • Business relationships
  • Open doors for future dealings
  • Time and effort that might otherwise be wasted

With these points in mind, bring your breach of contract case, partnership dispute or any point of conflict with another person or business to our attention. Let us work with you to devise a strategy that will deliver wins even after bills are paid and you and the other party have gone your separate ways.

We may help you resolve your legal dispute through:

  • Negotiations
  • A damage claim or lawsuit
  • A trial

Clients of our firm are often surprised by creative, effective ways that we use to resolve disputes on their behalf in areas such as the following:

Turn To Our Gainesville Dispute Resolution Law Firm

Keep an open mind and work with experienced litigation lawyers to pursue the right results to resolve a dispute in your favor.

Schedule a consultation with one of our trial lawyers by calling 770-999-0272 or emailing our law firm.