Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Prevent Trouble And Achieve Your Goals Through Solid Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions affect both private and business clients of Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, sooner or later when it is time for them to buy or sell residential or commercial properties. Our Gainesville real estate law firm provides information, guidance and oversight for our clients who are preparing to make these large investments or reap profits through sales for the sake of their personal finances, families or businesses.

Avoid problems that often go along with for-sale-by-owner transactions and other risky methods of conducting transactions involving homes, retail properties, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities or rural properties. Get legal counsel from the experienced real estate lawyers at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC to help ensure a successful acquisition or divestiture of land and structures.

Please see our Georgia Real Estate FAQ to learn more.

Real Estate Law Services That We Offer

Clients request our lawyers’ help with a variety of real estate-related legal issues, including the following:

  • Drafting of or review of purchase, sale or lease agreements before signing
  • Title searches and quiet title actions
  • Guidance through steps in purchases and sales of properties, including inspections
  • Education about soil contamination cleanup responsibilities of sellers and buyers of commercial properties such as former gasoline stations and dry cleaners
  • Assistance in and conducting closings
  • Help with subdividing large tracts of land for development
  • Representation in the rezoning process
  • Preparation of deeds

Our real estate lawyers also represent clients in boundary disputes, encroachment claims and breaches of purchase or sales contracts. We help residential buyers and sellers understand the most expedient and secure ways of achieving their goals.

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Our experience and long-lasting presence in the community are reasons to turn to our attorneys for guidance in residential and commercial real estate transactions in the area.

To arrange a meeting with a real estate lawyer before buying or selling a property, call us at 770-999-0272 or email us.