Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Estate Administration And Dispute Resolution

Administering an estate may sound straightforward – and sometimes, it is.

Our attorneys and staff treat clients as friends and neighbors, recognizing the firm’s important role in a time of challenges and grief for a family. It is our privilege to guide Georgians through probate and related legal issues. Since our law practice is diversified, we can help with related real estate sales and conveyances, business ownership transfers and other necessary maneuvers. We also advocate for people engaged in estate-related disputes.

Expected Protocol In Probate And Trust Administration

An executor or personal representative confirms their eligibility and appointment to the role and files a will with the probate court. They locate all assets, notify creditors and keep beneficiaries informed.

When most legal processes are complete, the executor may sell real estate and other assets, if necessary, before distributing the property according to the decedent’s wishes expressed in the will. If there are trusts, the respective trustees will need to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law. Finally, the executor or another fiduciary will file a final income tax return for the deceased person and the estate will be closed.

When Disputes Arise

Estate matters are not always trouble-free. Someone may bring a will contest, requiring legal action by the executor to resolve the dispute. Other controversies over an estate may lead to more extensive estate litigation.

Both of the partners at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, are effective litigators with more than 35 years of experience. They work hard to protect their clients – usually the executors – from harm, as well as to preserve the integrity of the estate. They are also well-qualified to bring will contests and claims against executors, trustees and estates on behalf of wronged creditors or beneficiaries.

For Probate Counsel And Representation, Contact Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC

Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, is an established estate planning and probate law firm in Gainesville that multiple generations of area residents have relied on for assistance through estate administration. We hope to hear from you if you are facing responsibilities or challenges involved in settling an estate.

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