Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Watching Out For Families And Their Futures

Although they may seem personal, the legal aspects of divorce sometimes threaten to become publicly debated controversies. Who will keep the house? How will retirement assets be divided? Where will the children live most of the time? Settlement negotiations, collaborative law methods or mediation may provide the answers.

At Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, our Gainesville divorce lawyers steer clients in directions in and out of court that are most likely to deliver a favorable outcome for themselves and their children.

Achieving Equitable Division Of Assets In A Georgia Divorce

Despite good intentions, the divorce process may become difficult because of sticky points over the following issues:

  • The complexity of business assets, professional practices, investments and retirement accounts
  • Potential hidden assets
  • Valuation of major assets such as real estate properties
  • Accounting of income that will help decide the question of alimony
  • Health insurance and other health-related or disability-related issues
  • Conflicts over child custody and visitation

Some couples end up taking their disagreements before juries and judges. Our attorney have ample experience with complex family issues. They are skilled litigators whose trial readiness keeps many cases out of courts as they are also keenly adept at negotiations.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm

Family law is not only about divorce at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC. Our attorneys also assist clients with the following:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements (prenups and postnups)
  • Paternity actions when parents are not married to each other
  • Child support determination, modifications and enforcement
  • Stepparent adoptions and other private adoptions
  • Grandparents’ rights issues, including bids for custody, visitation, guardianship or adoption of grandchildren

In any area of family law that we help you with, we will approach your concerns as neighbors as well as legal professionals in Gainesville. Our goal in every case is to lead each client to solutions that suit their families.

Let’s Get The Conversation Started

We are interested in learning about your family law concerns. Do you need advice on divorce planning? Do you need advice about filing a consent legitimation action as a father in a domestic partnership? Do you wonder what to do about a registered domestic partnership from your past before you marry or divorce someone else? Are you hoping to adopt a foster child? Our years of experience have equipped us to serve you in any area of family law.

To schedule a consultation, call 770-999-0272 or email us. We hope to hear from you.