Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Planning Estates, Securing Legacies

Estate planning usually involves creating enforceable testamentary documents that state how your assets should be distributed after your life is over. Many people find peace of mind in knowing that their closest family members, close friends and/or chosen charitable organizations or other beneficiaries will benefit when the time comes to administer their estates. The probate and/or trust administration process will be much smoother with all of your documents in order ahead of time. Our Gainesville estate planning lawyers at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, understand this is a difficult conversation and are there to help you create or update an estate plan.

Other aspects of a complete estate plan include documentation of health care preferences and powers of attorney. These documents will allow designated agents to manage your medical, financial and legal affairs if you are incapacitated. Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, is a trusted estate planning law firm in the Gainesville metro area ready to help you navigate the details of creating health care directives and a power of attorney that accurately carries out your wishes. Our partners more than 35 years of experience and long standing careers, as well as diligently training the next generation of lawyers, have attributed to the firm gaining a strong reputation in service the estate planning needs of our community.

What You Can Expect In Estate Planning With Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC

Many people find it helpful to design wills and trusts as part of financial management. Many also find it meaningful to establish health care priorities to prevent uncertainty and possible disputes among family members and health care providers.

Our lawyers, paralegals and staff are here to make the estate planning process uncomplicated for you. With clear direction, you may choose to have our team prepare one or more of the following estate planning documents for you:

  • A simple or complex will – possibly a pour-over will if you set up a trust(s)
  • One or more trusts designed to let your trustee bypass probate for some or nearly all of your assets
  • An advance directive for health care (possibly replacing a previous living will and/or durable power of attorney for health care)
  • A financial power of attorney

In an initial consultation with one or more of our attorneys, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and select the estate planning tools that will meet your needs. We will then spend time drafting your documents and arrange a second meeting or send you the drafts so that you can make any desired clarifications or modifications. Once the final versions have met your approval, we will arrange for the lawful signing of your documents with members of our staff serving as witnesses.

For More Information, Schedule A Consultation

This brief summary of our estate planning services is simplified. In practice, you will hear much more in-depth explanations from us, personalized to your circumstances and objectives.

To arrange for a meeting about estate planning with a lawyer, call 770-999-0272 or send an email inquiry.