Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Harnessing Laws That Protect Interests In Entertainment And Sports

While the terms “entertainment” and “sports” sound leisurely, a lot of hard work goes into the management and promotion of related endeavors. Providing entertainment and access to sports contests to the public involves serious legal and business issues. People who organize, produce and market entertainment events and venues, sports teams and related endeavors need legal counsel to protect their rights and interests just as surely as businesspeople in less visible enterprises.

The Sports Law Practice Group at Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC strives to provide practical legal advice to individual athletes, business, and other sports related institutions. Our sports law team has experience working with colleges and universities, as well as with the individual athletes, to address issues pertaining to college athletics, including disputes and investigations with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Our team has also assisted high schools and high school athletes with eligibility issues and other disputes with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA).  We also work diligently with sports business owners and sports leagues, assisting with daily operations, contracts, safety policy and procedures, etc. Our team combines legal skills to serve the business needs of sports clients with a deep knowledge and appreciation of all facets of the industry.

Our team of entertainment lawyers are passionate about the arts and dedicated to assisting artists and their business be successful. We enjoy teaming up with individual artists, businesses, gallery or studio owners and offering practical legal advice on everything from protecting an artist’s work product to general business advising. We assist our clients in multiple areas including business operations, business structure, employment, acquisitions and sales, copyright application and enforcement, trademark application and enforcement, contract drafting—negotiations— disputes, and litigation. Our lawyers work to apply general legal business knowledge and an understanding of the entertainment industry to every problem our clients face so that they can continue to create music, art, theater, or whatever they may create, while still protecting their rights in those creations, and operating a profitable and well managed business.

Examples Of Ways That We Serve In The Entertainment And Sports Industries

The full array of services that we have to offer in the worlds of entertainment, sports and leisure opportunities includes:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and signing
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Name and likeness usage rights
  • Event coordinating, including venue leasing
  • Songwriting, playwriting and performing agreements

In all areas of the law that our clients’ needs touch on, we provide clear explanations, proven legal tools and step-by-step guidance through any necessary transactions. We help entrepreneurs and long-time practitioners alike with arts and sports business formation, operations and succession planning.

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We look forward to learning about your legal needs in whatever field of arts, sports or entertainment you take part in. Each of our firm’s partners has more than 35 years of experience practicing law in the Gainesville area. They can quickly gain a firm grasp of what you need in an initial consultation.

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