Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Your Knowledgeable North Georgia Law Firm

Protect Innovation, Protect Intellectual Property

Your business’s cutting edge in the marketplace depends on multiple factors – location, personnel, profitability and quality – but above all, its worth rests on the good ideas behind it. Your inventions, your innovative ways of delivering goods or services and your unique public image are all examples of intellectual property. An idea may seem too abstract to be captured and protected, but putting that idea into a tangible and protectable form, is exactly what copyrights and trademarks do for businesses and creative people.

At Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, you will find customized approaches to protecting your trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks, or responding to unfair accusations that you have violated others’ intellectual property. At our law firm in Gainesville, intellectual property lawyers will help you understand and implement the most appropriate and effective legal protections for your creations and image.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Or Your Business Protect Your Work

Whether you are about to launch a new product or are facing challenges from infringers on your intellectual property, you should know your rights and how to stand up for them. Our founding partners each have more than 35 years of experience practicing law in this region. They and other attorneys and staff members of Hunt & Taylor Law Group, LLC, are ready to help you or your business.

  • Register a copyright
  • Register a trademark
  • Safeguard a trade secret
  • Protect your artistic creations through contracts, licensing and franchising agreements
  • Challenge intellectual property infringement
  • Draft and enforce noncompete agreements
  • Understand and sign contracts in your best interest for the use of your name, image and likeness if you are a college athlete

These are all examples of ways to protect your intellectual property. We guide Georgians step by step through these ways of turning ideas into protectable creations that can generate profits.

Ask For Advice And Get Started

Don’t hesitate to call if you are facing a dilemma over trade secrets, licensing agreements or other intellectual property that is worth protecting. If a dispute has come up, our business litigation attorneys can help you carry out the best method(s) for resolving it in your favor.

Call us at 770-999-0272 or complete our online contact form to request a consultation with a knowledgeable intellectual property law attorney in Gainesville.